May 2024 Release Notes
Updated this week

Release Date: May 13, 2024


Unlock Users (Admin Permission)

After multiple failed login attempts, portal users are locked out of their accounts.

To unlock the user, Admins can perform this action which will send the user an automated email to reset their password.

Evaluation Plan Custom Question

Create custom Evaluation Plan fields allowing Admins to ask a wide array of questions to their Evaluators.

Session Submission Form Formatting Options

Admins now have ways to customize their Session Submission Form by adding a section header, form divider, or a rich textbox.

Set Submission Limit

Indicate the number of times a submitter can complete the Session Submission Form for your event.


New Location: Content Settings

Content has been moved from Session Submission Forms to Session Settings.

Navigate to Sessions > Settings to enable content for your speakers.

Access Sessions + Users Assigned To Tags

Admins may now quickly view which sessions and users are assigned to Tags. When viewing tags, click the number under Sessions or Users to see a filtered view of all sessions and users associated with your tag.

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