Invite & Manage Event Team Members

Add or remove new admins and evaluators

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Understanding Users vs. Contacts

Admin users can add new users to their event or organization as needed. Once added, users can log into Sessionboard and view/edit information based on their permission profile.

Users are typically team members within your organization who need to access data within Sessionboard, evaluate sessions, set up forms, request files, etc. Typical users include speaker managers, evaluators, administrative assistants, etc.

Other types of people and groups, such as speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors are contacts. They should be added to your event via an intake form or submission form.

To add a user, you will need their first name, last name, and email. You will also need to assign them to a permission profile of admin or evaluator.

  • Admin - An admin can manage all settings and module data.

  • Evaluator - An evaluator can ONLY evaluate the sessions they have been assigned.

Inviting Team Members

  1. Within your event, click "Invite your team" in the bottom left-hand navigation panel.

  2. Click "Invite User" from the center panel.

  3. Enter the email of the user you wish to invite.

    NOTE: If the user's email already exists in your database, it will prompt you to set a permission and invite them to manage the event.

  4. In the "Add user" pop-up window, enter the required information:

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. User type

      1. This is where you set the permission profile as either Admin or Evaluator.

  5. Click "Send" to create the user and send them an invite email (see sample email below).

Subject line: "[name of inviting user] has invited you to join Sessionboard"

Clicking the button "View My Events" allows new users to create a password and complete their user setup. The email address they received the invitation from is also their sign-in username.

Login Assistance

If the user does not receive an invite email, please have them check their spam / "other" folders, and search for the sender "[email protected]".

If the user needs the invite link to be resent to them:

  1. Go to Team and search for the user by name or email.

  2. Select the three ellipse dots to the right of the name and either click "Resent invite" or "Copy invite URL".

    1. If when you copy the invite URL it takes you to the Sessionboard home page, this means that the user has already set their password. Thus, they should follow the below steps to reset their password.

Sample reset password email

Managing Users

You can remove or edit user permissions for existing users.

Remove User

  1. Go to Event Team in the navigation pane and click the ... button (Actions) by the user's name.

  2. Click "Remove" and confirm you want to remove the user.

If you need to correct the email associated with a user (typo, misspelled email address, wrong email), we recommend removing the user and re-adding them with the correct email.

Change User Permissions

  1. Go to Event Team in the navigation pane and click the ... button (Actions) by the user's name.

  2. Click "Edit" and choose the permission you want the user to have:

    1. Admin - Can manage all data and sessions in your event

    2. Evaluator - Can only evaluate sessions

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