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March 2024 Release Notes pt 1
March 2024 Release Notes pt 1

Tags, Conditional Logic, Additional Contact Portal Access, Embed Updates and MORE!

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Release Date: March 2, 2024


Assign Tags to Evaluators

Assign event tags to evaluators so that evaluators can be assigned to their relevant plans.

Tags can be assigned to evaluators individually or in bulk.

Tags are created and managed within Session Settings.

View Session & Subsession details In The Portal

Portal Users can select their session cards within the event portal to view additional session and associated subsession information.

Weekly Reminder Evaluator Emails

Admins can enable weekly reminder emails for their evaluation plans to be sent to the assigned evaluators. These emails will be sent on Mondays and include the evaluator's progress for the plan as well as the number of unreviewed submissions.

[Additional Contacts] Access Speaker Portal

Additional contacts can access the event portal on behalf of their associated speaker and view session details as well as complete tasks assigned to the speakers.

Additional contacts will be able to log into the portal with their email address and select the speaker they would like to view the portal of.


Portal Form & Application Form Conditional Logic

Incorporate conditional logic (e.g. question rules) within your portal form or application form that will allow end users to see additional questions based on previous question responses.

[Embed] View Subsessions

Attendees can access subsession details by clicking 'View Details' for the associated parent session.

[Embed] View Session Moderators and Chairpersons

Moderators and Chairpersons are highlighted within your event embed alongside your session speakers.

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