People Module Overview
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The People module is home to your event contacts. This includes:

  • Session Owners/Speakers

  • Sponsors

  • Exhibitors

  • Moderators

  • Chairpersons

To learn more about the difference between each contact role, visit Contact Roles.

Individuals that are not assigned to a group (exhibitor/sponsor) or session will also live here.

Before a contact can be assigned to a group (exhibitor/sponsor) or session, they first need to be created as a contact under the People module and then assigned to their respective areas.

The following contact roles do not live within the People module:

  • Event Team (Admin)

  • Evaluators

  • Session Submitters

Within the People module, event admins have the ability to export data, view people-specific data collected by either the session submission form or intake form (via dashboard views), send communications to individuals (via email or SMS), and grant contacts portal access.

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