Creating Custom Portals
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Custom Portals leverages the data that you have in Sessionboard related to your sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors to create dynamic portals that will update based on the filters that you set to include contacts that match the criteria.

This allows you to differentiate and assign tasks, files, and forms to various speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor groups.

Groups are created by applying speaker or session filters that align with the group of contacts you are wanting to target.

  • For Example: by applying a session filter of FORMAT that contains BREAKOUT SESSION I will be able to create a group of speakers that have a session with the format breakout session.

Custom Portal Use Cases

Below, are examples of how custom portals can be leveraged for your event:


  • Portals for various session formats (i.e. keynotes, breakout sessions, panels, roundtables)

  • Portals for speakers on different days (i.e. Day 1 Speakers vs. Day 2 Speakers)

  • Portals for speakers vs moderators vs chairperson

    • By separating the speaker roles, you have the flexibility to enable "Always Show Tasks" for your moderator and chairperson portal.

  • Portals for speakers based on the submission form they complete.

    • Admins can create more than one submission form. Depending on the form that is completed, speakers can gain access to the portal that relates to the form they completed.


  • Portals based on sponsor/exhibitor level (ie. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

    • Each level may have various tasks that are specific to their package.

How to create a custom portal

First, decide if you will be creating a People Portal (speakers) or a Group Portal (sponsors and exhibitors).

  1. Navigate to Portals and select the blue "+ Add Portal" button on the right of the screen.

  2. Customize your portal by adding a portal name and designating what type of portal you are wanting to create.

    1. People Portal: Speakers, Sponsor Contacts, Exhibitor Contacts, Chairperson, and Moderator

    2. Group Portal: Sponsor and Exhibitor Groups

      1. NOTE: Only available if you have the sponsor and exhibitor modules enabled.

  3. Select the participants that will see this portal by adding a filter to the left of your screen.

    1. NOTE: Speakers will also be able to utilize session settings (i.e. tracks, tags, level, and format).

  4. Once you have applied your filters, your dashboard view will auto-populate with the contacts that align with the filters. Select "Save & Customize".

  5. Next, customize your portal even further by configuring email notifications and appearance (i.e. portal name and background image) as well as creating and assigning tasks, forms, files, and wiki pages. Once complete, click the blue "Done" button at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

    1. To learn more about how to create and assign tasks, forms, files, and wiki pages visit our portal collection.

NOTE: Any contacts that do not match the filters you have set for your portals will automatically be placed within the Default Portal. Ensure to customize this portal as well.

Delete Portals

To delete a portal...

  1. Hover over the portal that you would like to delete and select the blue "Edit" button.

  2. At the top right of your screen, select the three dots > "Delete Portal".

  3. In the pop-up confirmation window, select "Delete".

Duplicate Portals

When you duplicate a portal, the portal name and filters are copied onto the new portal created. Portal configurations (i.e. tasks, portal name, portal description, background image, settings) will not carry over to the new portal created.

To duplicate a portal...

  1. Hover over the portal that you would like to duplicate and select the blue "Edit" button.

  2. At the top right of your screen, select the three dots > "Duplicate Portal".

Reorder Portals

To reorder how the portals appear, select the pencil icon to arrange the order by drag and drop.

This is ideal for any contacts that appear in two or more portals based on the filters assigned to them or their sessions. The first portal that they are assigned based on their order is the one they will have access to.

Copy Portal Link

To copy a portal link, hover over the portal that you would like to retrieve the link for and select "Copy Link".

  • NOTE: All portals created have the same link.

TIP: Create a custom dashboard view within the People module to show the field "Assigned to". This allows you to visibly see what portal each contact is assigned to.

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