Create & Assign Portal Forms

Create forms that can be assigned to your portals to collect additional information

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Forms are a great tool for requesting additional information from your portal users after completing the initial session submission form (speakers) or intake form (exhibitors and sponsors).

Create A Form

  1. Navigate to Portals on the navigation panel and select "Forms" at the top of the page.

  2. Select the blue "Create Form" button and add the form's title, as well as select whether the form will be assigned to individuals or groups. Once complete, select the orange "Save & Build form" button.

    1. People = Speakers

    2. Groups = Sponsors & Exhibitors

    3. Edit the portal form's three sections: Form Set Up, Form Questions, and Form Settings.

    • Form Setup - The name is what is available to the event admin, and the title is available to portal users.

  • Form Questions - Collect information about the individual or group by adding a section title, description & instructions, and form questions to collect data.

    • To add a question, use the button "+ Add Question" at the bottom of the page.

      • You can search for existing questions or create a custom question.

  • Form Settings - A confirmation email can be set to send to form submitters once a form entry has been completed.

This is how your tasks will be viewed within the portal.

TIP: Portal forms are great to utilize to collect event day AV needs or speaker headshots/sponsor logos.

Assign Forms To A Portal

Now that you have created your form, it is time for you to assign it to the respective portal.

Note: Forms can be assigned to more than one portal.

  1. Within the Portals module under "View All" hover over the portal you would like to edit and select "Settings".

  2. Navigate to the "Collect Form Submissions" box and select the button " Assign forms".

  3. Select the form(s) you would like to assign to this portal from the list of forms you have created. Once done, click the orange "Save" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up window.

  4. Once the form has been assigned, you can edit additional settings by selecting the pencil under "Actions".

    1. Form Title Alias: Adjust the name of what the form will be listed as in the portal

    2. Due Date: Forms can be marked as required by toggling this button on. This action can also be done from the portal main menu.: Assign a date to each form the portal user can track. NOTE: Once a due date has been assigned, you are not able to adjust the order of the tasks as the default view will be to display the tasks in order by the due date.

    3. Allow edits: Allow for edits when form has been submitted.

    4. Mark this form as required: Forms can be marked as required by toggling this button on. This action can also be done from the portal main menu.

  5. Once complete, click the blue "Update" button in the pop-up window.

View Form Results

When a form has been completed by a speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor, results can be viewed within your Sessionboard event.

Know who has completed the form.

In your module (speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor), you can edit your dashboard view by adding the reporting field for your form. This will inform you who has completed the form and who still needs to. Remember to save the view when you are done.

View Form Results

  1. Navigate to Ports > Forms

Hover over the form you have created and select "View Results".

NOTE: Do not worry if you do not see data for each field under form results. Click the maximize button to the left of the Submitting Group to see all of the data collected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will an event admin receive a notification when a form has been submitted?

  • Event admins will not receive an email; however, they can view the results of forms by navigating to Portal > Forms > Hover over the form you are working on and clicking the button "View Results".

Q: Can you have conditional questions within a form?

  • At this time, conditional logic questions are not available.

Q: Can you view a form on a mobile device?

  • Forms are accessible to portal users through a mobile device; however, we recommend using a desktop for the best viewing experience when completing a form.

Q: Can portal users submit a file within a form?

  • Yes, when building your form, event admins can either use an existing field or a custom field with a file field type.

Q: Can you duplicate forms?

  • Unfortunately, forms can not be duplicated at this time.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of forms you can create?

  • No, create as many forms as you need!

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