Email Templates
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Creating email templates allows you to easily email your event contacts. Within the email template, you can include merge fields for session and speaker-specific details.

Create Email Templates

To create a template, within your event dashboard, navigate to Settings > Email Templates and click the orange "Add" button at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Templates will be ordered alphabetically (A-Z) by the template name.

Sessionboard provides a standard "Accept" and "Decline" email template that can be customized for your event use.

Within the pop-up window, customize your email to include:

  • Template Name: Internal Name

  • Module: This determines the merge fields available as well as where the template can be used within the platform.

    • Groups: Exhibitor and Sponsor Modules

    • People: Contacts and Speakers Modules

    • Sessions: Sessions Module Only

  • Reply To: The email address that should receive replies to the email that is sent.

    • We recommend using a shared inbox or an event-specific email address.

  • Subject Line: The subject line of the email

  • Message Body: Customize the body of the email with the use of merge tags

    • To use coding to create your email body message, select the semicolon icon {;}

💡View a log of all the emails you have sent.

Edit, Delete, and Duplicate Templates

To manage the actions for an email template, select the three dots to the right of the template name.

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