Cvent Integration
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Through Sessionboard's integration with Cvent, event admins can easily send information for your sessions and speakers that were collected in Sessionboard to Cvent.

Integration Set Up

First, complete the following steps to get set up in Cvent and Sessionboard:


  • Create a Machine to Machine Application that supports Client ID and Client Secret. You can do this in the Cvent developer portal:

    You will need to give the application you create permission to the following scopes:

    • event/sessions:read

    • event/custom-fields:read

    • event/speakers:write

    • file/file:write

    • event/speakers:read

    • event/sessions:delete

    • event/events:read

    • event/contacts:write

    • event/session-categories:read

    • event/session-categories:write

    • bulk/bulk-jobs:write

    • bulk/bulk-jobs:read

  • In your Cvent event, you need to enable the features: "Agenda" and "Speakers"

    • If you would like to sync associated Session Content to Cvent, you will also need to enable the "Attendee Hub".


Generate an API Token within your Organization:

  • After logging in, click β€œGo to org” to access your event's organization.

  • Select the 'Settings' module to locate 'API Tokens'. Here, you will be able to generate a new API token or copy an existing token.

Field Mapping

By default, Sessionboard maps the following fields into Cvent:

  • Sessions: Title, Description, Start, End.

  • Speakers: First Name, Last Name, Email

To map any additional fields outside of the fields identified above for Speakers/Contacts or Sessions, please complete the below Field Mapping Template and email it to [email protected].

How to Sync Data

After working with your Customer Success representative to connect your Cvent integration with your Sessionboard event(s), you'll be able to begin syncing your session and speaker details.

How to Sync

You can sync to Cvent manually by viewing your Agenda view of your sessions, clicking Options, and then clicking Sync to Cvent.

What happens when data is synced?

During a sync, the following workflow takes place:

  • Sessions

    • New sessions that Sessionboard is syncing to Cvent are created

      • Note: Sessionboard only knows about the sessions that it has already synced. So, be mindful if you're also adding sessions directly to Cvent and know that Sessionboard will not automatically detect them.

    • Sessions that Sessionboard has already synced are updated

  • Speakers

    • Sessionboard attempts to find a Speaker in your Cvent Event by the same email address.

      • If it finds one, it will use the found Speaker (and respective Cvent contact record)

    • If no matching Speaker is found by email address, it will create a new Speaker record in your Cvent event

      • Cvent automatically then creates a Contact record for the speaker in your Cvent Address Book

    • The updates are then performed against the Speaker record

  • Sessions <> Speakers

    • Speakers are attached to Sessions

    • If a speaker has been removed in Sessionboard from a session, that speaker will be removed from the synced session in Cvent

  • Content

    • To sync content that is attached to your sessions to Cvent, you will need to ensure the "Attendee Hub" module is enabled in Event.

    • Cvent allows the following file types to be synced over:

      • ai, bmp, doc, docx, eml, eps, gif, ics, jpeg, msg, otf, ost, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, tif, tiff, ttf, txt, woff, woff2, xls, xlsx

    • Cvent allows for files less than or equal to 10MB to be synced over

  • Categories

    • Sessionboard Tracks are created in Cvent as Categories

    • Sessions are associated to the proper Category based on the session's relationship with a Track in Sessionboard

  • Locations

    • Sessionboard Locations are created in Cvent as Locations

    • Sessions are associated to the proper Location based on the session's relationship with a Location in Sessionboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is synced over?

You can decide what data should be mapped where to your Speakers and Sessions in Cvent in the setup of your integration, while working with your Customer Success representative.

We support mapping standard and custom Sessionboard fields to Cvent standard and custom fields on Cvent Contact, Speaker and Session records.

Sync Cadence

We currently do not provide automated / background syncing for the Cvent integration. All syncs must be triggered manually when viewing your Agenda view of your sessions.

Cvent API Token Consumption

The Sessionboard <> Cvent integration leverages Cvent's bulk endpoints wherever possible to minimize Cvent API Token consumption. This makes the integration friendly to whichever Cvent API plan you may be on.

Integration Support

If you are experiencing problems with syncing (i.e. error messages or data not appearing in Cvent), email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Event Name

  • Session name(s)

    • fields not appearing

  • Speaker name(s)

    • fields not appearing

  • Image of any errors received when syncing (if applicable)

Example Email

Field Mapping Template

Download the below file to provide your filed mapping requests to Sessionboard.

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