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SMS Messaging
Updated over a week ago

**At this time, SMS messages are not supported internationally.**

Sometimes the best way to get in contact with our event participants (speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors) is through text messaging. With Sessionboard, you have the ability to send messages to your event contacts to provide alerts, update, or reminders.

NOTE: SMS Messages can not be responded to by the recipient. This is best used for one time messages (EX: "As a reminder, today you have your headshots due. Please refer to your Sessionboard portal for more information.").

Add mobile numbers to contact records

  1. Navigate to the "People" module and search for a contact's record.

  2. Within the field "Mobile Phone" add the contact's number in which they would like to receive messages to.

    1. NOTE: If this field is not available on your dashboard view, add it using the "Show/Hide Fields" on the left-hand side.

How to send messages

  1. Navigate to one of the below modules and select the contacts/rows you would like to send a message to.

    1. People

    2. Speakers

    3. Exhibitors

    4. Sponsors

      NOTE: SMS messages are not able to be sent from the "Sessions" module.

  2. Select the box to the left of the contact/group name and click the "Send" button at the top of the page to select "Send SMS".

    1. NOTE: For sponsor and exhibitor groups, you will have the option to send a message to either all of the group contacts or just the primary contact.

  3. Type your message within the text box and select the orange "Review" button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

    1. NOTE: SMS messages DO NOT support hyperlinking. Admins are able to include links within the message which most phones detect URL's and make it clickable.

  4. Within the "Review" tab, you will be able to see messages that will be sent to specific people (this is great if you will be using merge tags) and well as be able to resolve any system issues within individual contacts before the message is sent (i.e. no mobile number attached to the contacts profile).

  5. Once you have reviewed all of the messages, click the orange "Send" button at the bottom of the window.

Below, is an example message that will be received by recipients. At this time, the phone number that the message is sent from can not be changed.

Review SMS Message History

  1. Navigate to "History" within the navigate pane of the left side of your screen.

  2. Within this windor, select the tab "SMS" so see all messages that have been sent by your team.

    1. Recipient

      1. Full name of the recipient

    2. Phone Number

      1. Phone number for the recipient

      2. Masks all but last 4 digits (e.g. ***********4982)

    3. Message

      1. Displays first 40 characters of the message

        • When clicked, views full message text

    4. Status

      1. Delivered or Not Delivered

    5. Sent By

      1. Displays the first and last name of the user who sent the message

    6. Sent At

      1. Displays the date and time when the message was sent

      2. Format: Month DD, YYYY 12:00 PM TZ

        Note: The sent timestamp will be reflective of the event timezone.

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