Create & Assign Tasks
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Tasks can be used to request information from portal users are require them to complete an action. Examples of tasks you may want to have are "Book a hotel room", "Share social media graphics", and "Register for the event".

Before you can assign a task to a portal, you first will need to create the task.

Create A Task

  1. Navigate to Portals on the navigation panel and select "Tasks" at the top of the page.

  2. Select the blue "Add Task" button and complete the following fields:

    1. Task: Label the task so that the portal user will know what action they need to complete.

    2. Description: By adding a description, you can provide additional information that the portal user may need to complete the task (i.e. "Use the following promo code to register for the event: XYZ").

    3. Add a link to open when the task is clicked: When the portal user clicks on the task, they will be directed to the link you place here.

    4. Mark task as complete: The task can either be marked as completed in one of two ways:

      • When the user clicks on the task

      • When the user manually marks the task as complete

Assign Task To A Portal

Now that you have created your task, it is time to assign it to the respective portal.

Note: Tasks can be assigned to more than one portal.

  1. Within the Portals module under "View All" hover over the portal you would like to edit and select "Settings".

  2. Navigate to the "Assign Task" box and select the button " Assign tasks".

  3. From the list of tasks you have created, select the tasks you would like to assign to this portal. Once done, click the orange "Save" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up window.

  4. Once the tasks have been assigned you can edit additional settings by selecting the pencil under "Actions".

    1. Alias: Adjust the name of what the task will be listed as in the portal

    2. Required: Tasks can be marked as required by toggling this button on. This action can also be done from the portal main menu.

    3. Due Date: Assign a due date to each task that the portal user can track. NOTE: Once a due date has been assigned you are not able to adjust the order of the tasks as the default view will be to display the tasks in order by the due date.

  5. Once complete, ensure to click the blue "Update" button in the pop-up window.

This is how your tasks will be viewed within the portal.

View Completed Tasks

When a form has been completed by a speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor, results can be viewed within your Sessionboard event.

Know who has completed the task

Within your module (speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor), edit your dashboard view by adding the reporting field for your form. This will inform you of who has completed the form and who hasn't. Don't forget to save the view when you are done😊

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