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Contact [email protected] to have Applications added to your Sessionboard package for an additional fee.

Applications are a way for applicants to submit themselves, and their organizations, or nominate a third party for approval or acceptance to your event.

Applications can be customized to collect any information you want to store with the person. Examples of use cases are:

  • Speaker Application

  • Awards Application

  • Pitch Competition Application

  • Incubator Application

  • Applications = Individual/Company focused

  • CFP = Content/Topic Focused

Once submitted, applications can be updated individually or in bulk. You can approve or deny applicants and communicate with them directly from the platform using custom email templates.

​Why would I use Applications instead of the Session Submission Form?

  • Not every event begins with a Call for Papers process. Applications allow you to collect information for prospective speakers without requiring them to also submit a session. Applications can also be used more broadly for non-speaker event participants.

In this article, we will review the following:

How To Create An Application

  1. Navigate to the Applications module and select the blue "Create Form" button.

  2. Configure your application form by editing the Welcome Screen, Application Information, and Form Settings Pages.

Conditional Logic/Question Rules

Use question rules (conditional logic) to create customizable forms that adjust based on the answers that your users provide to various questions. This allows you to use one form to intake multiple different types of application submissions.

Question rules can only be used on the following field types:

  • Textbox

  • Dropdown

  • Number

TIP: When using question rules, you want to apply the rule to the conditional question.

How To Send The Application Form

When it is time to start accepting applications, you can either email the application link or include it on your website. This link can be found using the below instructions.

  1. Navigate to the Applications module and hover over the application form name to select the "+ Submit" button.

  2. Copy the link within the browser for your application form.

Once an applicant completes the form, they will automatically be taken into the portal. Applicants can log back into their portal at any time (See Logging Into Sessionboard for more information).

How To View Application Submissions

  1. Within the Applications module, hover over your application form and select "View Submissions".

  2. You will be navigated to a dashboard where you will be able to review all applications received and update their status. Below, are additional resources available to you for navigating your dashboard.

    1. Accept or Decline Submissions

    2. Dashboard Views

    3. Sending Email Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I view a list of the applicants?

    1. The People module will house all the applicants. A recommendation is to create a dashboard view within the People module to include the Application reporting field. This is an easy way to easily view all of your applicants if you will have other contacts within Sessionboard (i.e. speakers, sponsors, & exhibitors).

  2. Do applicants have access to the portal?

    1. Yes, applicants will be directed to the portal once they have completed filling out their application.

  3. Can I assign tasks to applicants?

    1. No, Event Admins are not able to create and assign tasks, file requests, wiki pages, or forms.

  4. Can I use an integration or open API with applications?

    1. Unfortunately, not at this time.

  5. Can I create an evaluation plan for applications?

    1. Unfortunately, not at this time.

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