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Contact Profile Overview

A new way to view and edit contact information within a centralized profile page.

Updated over a week ago

The contact profile just got better featuring your one-stop shop for viewing contact information, adding notes, viewing associated sessions, and sending emails.

To open a contact's profile, select the pencil icon to the left of the contact's or group's name.

Understanding The Contact Profile

There are two pages within the contact profile:

Contact Profile

  • Within the first box, you will see the contact's profile image (if applicable), name, email address, and an accessible button to copy the portal link.

    • NOTE: For exhibitors and sponsors you will also be able to see the assigned portal for the group as well as email all of the contacts associated with the group.

  • When you click on the speaker's email address, the email builder will appear to send a direct email to the email address selected.

  • The portal Login URL button is a way to quickly access the portal and does not contain a unique link for the speaker. Once you arrive at the portal home page, the speaker will still be required to log in.

  • Within the related events box, you can see a list of events (event name & date) this contact is associated with using the same email address.

  • The About box allows you to see more information about the contact. If none of these fields are in use, they will be left blank.

    1. Salutation

    2. First Name

    3. Last Name

    4. Honorific

    5. Title

    6. Company Name

    7. Email

  • The Notes box allows members of the event team to add additional information specific to this contact record (i.e. arrival time to the event venue). This helps reduce the time and effort to search for relevant information across multiple platforms.

  • This can be seen by anyone from the event team and will not be available to the speaker.

  • Sessions allow you to see all of the sessions this contact is associated with.

  • When you click the "View Agenda" button at the top left-hand corner of the box, you will be taken to the Agenda within your event to see a filtered list of all the sessions associated with that speaker.

  • If you click on the session card within the contact profile, the system will allow you to edit session details by opening a pop-up window to display the session information.

  • Portal Task Management - Admins can see a list of portal tasks (i.e. tasks, forms, and file requests) assigned to the portal user to track their overall progress. Admins have the ability to complete tasks (this omits file requests at this time) on behalf of the portal user from the contact profile by clicking on the task/form. Please note the following:

    • To complete a portal user's form, the admin must not have a form assigned to them if they are a contact within the event themselves.

    • Portal task management is currently not available for the sponsor and exhibitor modules.

    • You must have the new portal experience enabled on your event to access contact tasks. Please contact [email protected] if you would like the new portal experience enabled for your event.


  • The following boxes within the "Edit" page provide standard Sessionboard fields that you can edit in one convenient location:

    • Profile

    • About

    • Address

    • Social Media

  • Within the Details box, allows you to see information such as last email and last contact update. This helps keep everyone organized and reduces redundant communications that could annoy your speaker.


The Portal username is the email address the contact will use to log into their portal. When you change a contact's email address, this does not change their portal username. To change the portal username, you must delete the contacts and recreate them using the correct email address.

Custom individual fields are easily accessible at the bottom of the page to edit within the contact profile.

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