Adding A Session Manually
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Sessions can be added to Sessionboard one of two ways:

Below, you will learn how to add a session as an event admin without a speaker filling out the session submission form.

  1. Navigate to the Session Module within your event.

  2. Click the orange "Add" button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Within the pop-up window, fill in all of the fields with the confirmed session information.

    1. Details: Session details

    2. Content: Session field (i.e. Powerpoint, PDF)

    3. Other: Session speakers, location, exhibitors, sponsors

      1. If a speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor is not appearing when you search their name, you will need to first create them as a contact within the "People" Module or select the blue words "Manage your speakers/sponsors/exhibitors".

  4. Click "Save Session" at the bottom of the pop-up window once completed.

Note: If you have any custom fields within your session submission form that also need to be completed for the new session you just added, you can do so by ensuring that the custom fields are shown on your dashboard view and clicking into the field to make the appropriate edit.

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