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Sessionboard now allows you to create and manage subsessions in your agenda. Subsessions cover specific topics within a larger parent session and are a useful tool for conference managers to organize complex presentations.

Each subsession can have its own title, speakers, description, format, and timing. Speakers can see the parent session and subsessions in their portals, and only upload content to their relevant subsession, so it’s automatically organized for your AV needs.

You can create subsessions from scratch or convert existing sessions into subsessions. If needed, you can also change subsessions back to primary sessions.

Also - rescheduling your parent session will automatically keep the subsession times in sync so you don’t have to individually fix each one. This is a massive timesaver for agenda management.

Contact [email protected] to schedule a training for this new feature and how you can best use it for your upcoming event.

How To Create A Subsession

  1. Navigate to the "Sessions" module.

  2. Select the lightning icon > "Edit" to the left of the session you wish to create a subsession for.

  3. Within the parent session, select the tab "Subsessions".

  4. Click on "Create subsession" to the right of the window.

  5. Add your subsession details including name, time, format, description, and speakers

    1. NOTE: The date and time of the submission MUST fall within the date and time of the parent session.

    2. NOTE: Speakers for the parent and subsession are linked. As a result, if you add a new speaker not listed in the original parent session, the speaker will be added not only to the subsession but to the parent session as well.

  6. Once you are done, click the orange "Save Subsession" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up window.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I email subsession speakers only?

    1. The workflow to email speakers will stay the same. Emails can only be sent through the parent session by selecting the square to the left of their name and clicking the "Send Email" button at the top of the page. From there you can adjust your recipients by changing the "Send To" field to "Select Individual Contacts".

  2. Can I add a sponsor or exhibitor to a subsession?

    1. Sponsors and exhibitors are only attached to parent sessions.

  3. I have a custom field within my submission form. How do I add the details for this field to my submission?

    1. Custom fields can only be applied to parent sessions.

  4. How are subsessions ordered?

    1. Subsessions are ordered chronologically based on when they appear within the parent session.

  5. Are subsessions shown within embeds?

    1. At this moment, subsessions are not visible within embeds.

  6. I am currently using an integration. Do my submission information sync with my integration partner?

    1. At this moment, subsession information can not be synced with any of our direct partners. Subsession details will be exposed within Sessionboard's open API.

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