ADD ON: Custom Email Domain
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Contact your Account Executive or [email protected] to receive pricing for this add-on.

Event admins have the opportunity to use an email domain of their choice to send emails through Sessionboard. By default, all emails are sent from

Below, are the requirements for an email domain for the set-up process to begin:

  • No typos

  • The domain must be corporate and not Outlook, Yahoo, or Gmail.

  • Once completed, the email can not be changed.

NOTE: The process to set up your domain with your event can take about a week.

Set-Up/Authentication Process

  1. Event Admin sends an email to [email protected] with the email address they are requesting to use.

  2. The Sessionboard team begins the authentification process and generates 3 CNAME records.

  3. Support sends the event admin DNS (Domain Name Resolution) records.

  4. From your domain provider's website, find the page or area that has your domain or domain records (below are some instructions for the most common domain providers).

  5. Once you’ve found this area you are ready for the next step, adding the three CNAME records to your domain.

  6. Sessionboard Team enables the email domain on both the organization and event levels.

    1. Organization emails include invitations to manage organizations.

    2. Event emails include new user invitations, notifications, and emails initiated by the user.

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