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Set up Event Details

Set event name, timezone, dates and times, logos, URL and more

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Once an event has been created, or cloned, it's important to configure the event details before you start onboarding contacts.

Accessing Event Details

  1. Sign in to Sessionboard and access your event.

  2. Click 'Settings' from the left-hand navigation panel on the dashboard.

  3. Update your event name, slug, date, time, logo image, and banner image.


  4. Click "Save" to lock in your changes.

Detail Fields

  • Event Name

    • This is your event name that will be featured within your portal, forms (i.e. session submission form), and emails.

  • Event Slug

    • This is used within the URL that people will visit to access your forms (i.e. session submission form) and portal.

      • e.g.

  • Timezone

    • Select the timezone that your event is located in. Dates and times displayed across your event will reflect what you choose here.

  • Starts At / Ends At

    • Date and time that your event starts and ends.

  • Logo image

    • Upload a logo to represent your event across the platform. This logo will be featured in email communications as well as forms.

      • Recommended: 300px w x 300px h

  • Background image

    • Upload a background image to represent your event. This image will be used on your forms and portal.

      • Recommended: 1500px w x 500px h

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