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How to create and delete custom fields?
How to create and delete custom fields?
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Create A Field

  1. Within the module you would like to create a new field for, select 'Show/Hide Fields' on the left-hand side of your screen.

  2. Within the pop-up window, select '+ Add New Field'.

  3. You will be prompted to create a new field by including the field name and selecting the type of field it is (i.e. dropdown, file, text, checkbox).

Delete A Field

To delete a field once created, navigate to the Fields module and search for the field you would like to delete.

NOTE: Ensure you are searching for the field within the correct page (i.e. Contacts vs Groups vs Sessions)

Once the custom field has been located, select Edit within the Actions column.

In the Edit Field pop-up window, select “Delete Field” above the Cancel button.

Fields can also be deleted within the speaker, session, sponsors, exhibitor, and contact modules. Ensure the field has been added to your dashboard view and right-click on the field column to select "Edit Column". From here, you will be able to delete the field using the instructions above.

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