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How to upload content to my session and make comments?
How to upload content to my session and make comments?
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If Content Upload is enabled for your event, you have the ability to upload supporting documents that will accompany your submission. Read more below on how to upload your materials as well as communicate to the event admins through comments.

Uploading Content

When Content Upload is enabled, speakers can click on their session in the portal to upload content or view the submission. Speakers can also see a count of files uploaded to their session, along with the count of comments on those files.

  1. Within your portal, click on the session that you would like to upload content for.

  2. Within the pop-up window, navigate to the 'Content' tab and add your file by either dragging and dropping or selecting the item from your computer.

    1. NOTE: Files can not exceed 2GB. The file upload limit and file upload deadline will be listed below "Upload Content".

  3. Once you have added the file, you can adjust the file type and version type.

    1. Content Type: Once files have been uploaded, they can be assigned a content type. By default, this is set to Presentation; however, this can be changed to Poster or Handout to differentiate types of session content.

    2. File Versioning: Files can also be marked as versions of previously uploaded files. This allows a new file to be connected to a previous version. All file versions will remain accessible in the content upload history and can be downloaded to cross-reference.

      Versions can be accessed by clicking “History” or "Expand All" to see versions of a specific file.

  4. Click the orange "Upload" button when complete.


Clicking the three-dot icon on the top-right of an uploaded file to access actions.

The actions are:

  • Download - This will download the file to your computer.

  • Edit File Type - This lets you change the file type from Poster to Presentation, etc.

  • Delete - This will delete the file from the session. The file must be uploaded again to be restored.


Speakers can add and view comments on session content within their portals. Commenting is a quick and simple way to communicate why files are being updated, any changes that need to be made, or other relevant information between speakers and event admins.

To view and send new comments, either click "Expand All" or the word "Comment".

Each comment will automatically log the name of the user (admin vs. attendee) who made the comment and the time.

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