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How to upload files and make comments?
How to upload files and make comments?
Updated over a week ago

Event admins may require you to upload additional files in preparation for the upcoming event. This can include presentations, headshots, bios, logos, etc.

Not only can you upload files, but you can also make comments on files that will be seen by the event admin.

Upload Files

  1. Locate and click the task that requires you to upload a file.

    1. Tasks with the following icon are file request tasks:

  2. Within the pop-up window, select the paperclip square to upload your file for review.

    1. NOTE: Previous files that were uploaded will show under "Version History".

    2. NOTE: Files may not exceed 2GB.

Comment On Files

Within the file request task, you will see a "Messages" box on the left-hand side. Type comments here that can be viewed by the event admin.

NOTE: Any new comments will have to be viewed by logging back into your portal.

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