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How to access my portal?
How to access my portal?
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Congratulations🎉! You are one step closer to being a part of an amazing event. Let's help you get logged in to your portal to complete tasks, submit files, and view important information about the upcoming event.

  1. Access the portal login page for the event.

    1. This link can be found in your session submission confirmation email (if you are the submitting individual). If you need the portal link to be resent to you, please contact the event admin for assistance.

      Example Portal Login Page

  2. Within the email box, type the email address that is connected to your profile.

    1. If you are a speaker, this is the email address that was used to submit you as a speaker on the session submission form.

    2. If you are a sponsor or exhibitor, this is the email address that was used as the primary contact.

    3. If you receive the below screen, then you are using the wrong email address to log into your portal. Contact your event admin to retrieve the email you should be using.

  3. Within the password box, type the password that was used when completing the submission form (speakers) OR intake form (sponsors/exhibitors).

    1. If you have not created a password yet, then the screen will prompt you to create one for future login access.

    2. If you forgot your password and need to reset it, select "Forgot your password?" at the bottom right-hand corner of the login box.

  4. Once you have provided your email and password, select the "Continue to portal" button.

  5. The next screen you will see is a confirmation of the portal you are about to access. Click the arrow ">" to continue into the portal.

    Congratulations, you are logged into your portal!

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