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What is a Feed:

  • The fields (columns) that are shown in the view will be tags/objects in each record that is sent in the feed.

  • Each record is like a row in the spreadsheet. It contains the data for that record.

How to Use Feeds:

You can only subscribe to a feed within the Exhibitor, Sponsor, and Speaker Modules.

    1. If you use the default view and someone changes it, the data will also change in your feed.

  1. Click the "Subscribe" button at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  2. Take the URL you need and add it to your website or spreadsheet.

JSON/XML Google Sheets Usage:

  • Links the file directly to a Google sheet (no need to export/import repeatedly)

  • The sheet can be refreshed to pull updated data, or set to auto-refresh (knowledge of Google AppsScript required)

  • Data can then be used in pivot tables and customized to build specific reports.

  • Can create Zapier links from Google Sheets to update different systems, like MailChimp.

JSON VS XML: A developer/data analyst will usually have a preference; however, in terms of functionality, there is no difference in what can be seen in the feeds. To learn more about the difference, click HERE.

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