Build and manage your agenda
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Use sessions to build your event schedule. A session can be a presentation or any other activity you want to show to your attendees.

Once sessions have been submitted AND approved, they will be featured on the agenda. To navigate to the agenda click the "Agenda" dashboard within the Session module.

The dashboard can be viewed as a list, day, week, month, and room views.

NOTE: To see your sessions within the day, week, month, or rooms view, each session will need a date and time assigned to them.

Tracks determine the color of each session to assist in organizing the agenda. You can drag and drop sessions within the day, week, month, or room agenda view to update the date and time and manage the room.

To add and edit Rooms, this can be done through the Session "Settings".

πŸ‘‰πŸΎ Learn more about session settings HERE.

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