Sponsor Intake Form
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Within Sessionboard, Event Admins can manage their sponsors through a portal to assign tasks, share documents, and collect additional information after an intake form has been completed by the sponsor.

Create Intake Form

  1. Navigate to the Portals within the 'Settings' module and select the three ellipse dots > 'Edit' for the 'Default Sponsor Module' to begin configuring the setup.

  2. Select 'Next' in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Within the 'Onboard Users' widget, select the button "Set up intake form" to edit the Intake Form.

  4. The Intake Form has three pages that will need to be updated with your event-specific information:

    1. Welcome Screen - The page portal users see when they navigate to the intake form.

    2. Group Information - Information about the sponsoring organization/company

    3. Contact Information - Information about the point of contact of the sponsoring organization.

Share Intake Form

When it is time to now accept Sponsors and invite them to the portal, you will send them the link to your Sponsor Intake Form. This link can be found within the box "Onboard Users". Click the button "Copy Link" and send this link to all of your sponsor contacts.

Once a sponsor completes the intake form, they will automatically be taken into the portal. Sponsors can log back into their portal at any time.

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