Downloading Content
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From Sessions - Submissions, select the sessions that you want to download content for and click “Download Content.”

This will open a window that lets you organize content into folders before downloading it.

By default, content is organized by date, then room, then session.

Click the options beside “Group files by” to reorganize how content will appear in folders.

The latest version of all session files is included for export. Files can be deselected if they should not be included in the export. Previous versions cannot be included in an export and must be downloaded directly from the session content tab.

Once the files are organized and reviewed, click “Generate Download” to begin the export process. This can take some time to prepare for larger files, so we’ll send you an email with a link to the download page once it’s ready.

To access the export page, go to Content - Exports. Click on the green download button to download your file.

Files will be downloaded in a .zip format to your computer. Unzipping the file will show the folders as set in the Group By function.

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